How the Gingerbread House Met It's Maker

It's February. Do you happen to have a Gingerbread house hanging around that you just don't know what to do with? 

How about have a nice day at the shooting range?

To turn this into 


Senor Smarty Pants wanted to go shooting. In particular he wanted to go shoot his new gun. He became a gun owner over the holiday season. I personally don't prefer his gun. It's too loud and big for a little lady like me. But to each their own.

I, dare I say, prefer this size of firearm-if I had to choose. I wore this thing while Jerrel was shooting, mainly because Jerrel liked that I was acting interested. Don't worry though, I'm still me. I spent my time taking pictures, asking questions, heckling, singing songs, and twirling around like a little girl while he finished off the Gingerbread house. Of course I remembered my Hunters Safety training and stayed behind him and wore ear protection.

Get outside and get some fresh air! It was so very nice so shake off a bit of the cabin fever.


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