Wedding Wednesday

Remember the problem I was having with invitations? That severe mental block that seemed like it would never end? 

Well thanks to my mom coming to K-town for the weekend and a wonderful sale at Hobby Lobby in the Scrapbooking and paper goods department we have invitations! 

They are still works in progress and I'm not going to show you one finished, because what's the fun in that?

I am going to post some pictures that can be called sneak peeks, I suppose.

I will say that they are darling, but not cutesy, homespun but not sloppy. They are vintage-ish but still with it. There is not much waste involved, so I would call them green, and we got to be retro and brought out the typewriter. 

I'll post more about them after I send them out. Excited?

And that's this weeks Wedding Wednesday. 


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