Pre Spring, Spring Cleaning

The walls have been closing in for some time now. In my room, in my mind. Last weekend though, we were ultra productive-at least in the room department. I can now walk through my room and into my closet without hopping or standing on one foot. The culprit? Wedding collection. It was because of all this stuff that I couldn't fit my hamper in my closet. You can imagine the mess that ensued because of that detail. So we moved the wedding stuff out of my closet and into the basement in a little room that's not very charming or cozy but it's out of my hair, organized and I can breath again.

I wiped down my Mac-first time umm ever? It almost doesn't look like the 4 year old dino that it is. Minus the weird groan it makes when it's starting up that I'm ignoring, it's got a new lease on life. Don't be like me-clean your computers people. It's gross when you don't.

I finally got that Student Teaching application outta my hair and off my list. I feel lighter already.

I went through some of my things and got rid of 4 items of clothing, a few knick knacks, and other odds and ends. It filled a shopping bag-that basically constitutes a breakthrough for this girl.

I'd prescribe some pre spring, spring cleaning to anyone-go ahead try it out. I promise you'll like it.


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