Wedding Wednesday

I mentioned a few Wednesday's ago that we have cleared out my closet and moved the wedding collection to the basement. I also said it wasn't cute or cuddly but I've decided to share with you. Share this space where the "magic" happens. 

We have organized and labeled things. Once we got it all spread out I was impressed by my stacking abilities, making it fit in my closet. Go Me!

Sometimes I go down here and just look around, envision my vision for the wedding and the reception. It makes me giddy. I have pondered all of these elements, I have moved and arranged the items in my mind-usually during lecture, but that's beside the point.

I have dusted, shined, painted, and primed my pieces and while this room may not look like something special, it 'tis to me.

Plus, Mom and I kinda like these unfinished, rough around the edges type of spaces-it's where we find our best junk.


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