Friday's Letters

Dear bed risers, I understand the logic, but an option to buy individually would be nice. (insert snarky, sarcastic comment about Senor Smarty Pants' lard...) Dear Coconut Oil, it's official. You are my friend. Dear December 13th, wake me up when you get here. Please? Dear Wild Sweet Orange Tea, Thank you for soothing my throat and tasting delicious. Dear Chocolate Creme Cake, Stop staring at me, begging me to consume you. I hear you, I see you, ok...fine you win. Dear Scripture, thank you for being so refreshing and rejuvenating. Dear Extreme Cheapskates, thank you for making me feel normal. More, importantly thanks for making Senor Smarty Pants seem normal, he is thanking you as well.

Have a beautiful weekend friends!

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