Going With My Gut: Deodorant

Have you ever thought much about the deodorant you use? Today we do not like sweat in our underarms and we definitely do not like that funky smell that happens. But what makes the stuff in that roll prevent the sweating and the smelling? 

While I do not know the exact science behind the properties of deodorant, I do know that I started to feel uneasy about putting the stuff on. So I looked into it. And this is what I have found. 
  • First, we are supposed to sweat our Creator made us this way, and blocking sweat glans probably isn't such a good idea. Sweating releases toxins, and helps cool us when we are hot. We don't pant like dogs, or pigs. Inhibiting a necessary bodily function isn't wise. 
  • Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex, mouth full huh? It's classified as a carcinogenic and raises developmental and reproductive concerns. We put this chemical, under our arms, near those lymph nodes, everyday. Remains of this chemical have been found in cancerous lymph nodes. i.e. breast cancer.
  • Finally, we all know that our skin is our largest organ, when we think about that it can be a wake up call to all the junk we expose it to, also our skin is extremely absorbent. 
I have used an all natural product called Hippy Pits, I liked it. However, I needed a more manly option for Senor Smarty Pants who was also interested in switching. So I decided to make our own. Using simple and easy to find ingredients and it takes a total of 10 mins! We have also found this recipe makes enough to last a while and works wonderful! Just as good or better than the junk you can buy at the store.

The recipe I used takes:
6-8 tbsp of coconut oil 
1/4 c of baking soda 
1/4 c of corn starch or arrowroot.

You can store it in a jar like we chose to and smear it on, its really not as messy as the wor smear makes it sound. Or you could use an old deodorant stick. Adding some essential oils for scenting and more antibacterial properties (even though cocnut oil all ready is antibacterial on its own!) is another natural way to dress this stuff up! 

So hop on over to Passionate Homemaking and read what she has to say. Plus check out the other sections of her blog, it's a goodie! 

Going natural is quite a process and can be overwhelming. I have found it is less overwhelming to take it one section of life at a time or even one product at a time. Baby steps you could say. 


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