Giving Thanks on Thursday

IIIIt's Turkey Day! Happy Thanksgiving to all! This post is going somewhere I'm just not sure where yet.

I spent last evening with friends. But just not any friends but old friends. We sat around 3 different kitchen tables throughout the night as we made our way from house to house seeing people on the block. We talked, we laughed, we drank orange juice. It was so nice. I think I am going to narrow this thankful note down to memories. The kind that make you feel warm and at home. The kind that take you right back to the time and place and you feel like you are there, you are living it again. Memories that you share every time you are together-and it never gets old. I just can't quite put into words how beautiful it is to feel that connection with the girls I've known for years but haven't seen in months, while we are sharing memories.

The laughing, the slapping of the knee, the clapping of the hands, and the occasional snorts-right Whit?
It's all these things while sitting in a Mama's kitchen, that about had me bursting with joy.

Yes. I am thankful for our memories.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.


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