...Christmas Gift Memory Day...

Today I woke to the radio announcer speaking about memorable Christmas gifts. He stated that today was "Christmas Gift Memory Day." He has a facebook page and had posted this and then asked people state their most memorable Christmas gift and where is it now. He then read the responses on the air. It was very interesting. One woman said it was a cookbook from her late Grandmother, filled with her recipes and now this woman has been able to add her own. Another was about a man receiving a shot gun when he was young, he has now been able to hand down to his son. One woman said that she actually met her husband on Christmas, and well he is still with her! But my favorite, was about a woman who said she was adopted on December 6 1983. She said, "Lets just call it an early Christmas gift for a 10 year old girl." Does that not just melt your heart?! Quite the gift, the gift of a forever family. I say, she wins!

My most memorable gift? For quite a few years I was really into porcelain dolls, my older cousins had lots and so I thought that I too needed to collect lots. Mom loved this collection and she got me some of the prettiest dolls. I always remember getting them, but I especially remember getting one for christmas. She is beautiful. She sits not stands and she is a little bigger than the regular dolls. I believe I named her Claire-the most beautiful name I knew at that time, and I named EVERYTHING. I was probably 9 when I got her. Her hair is brown and beautifully curly, she's wearing a pretty red dress with velvet trimming. I used to just sit with her on my lap and read. She definitely got special treatment. I remember being so excited as I tore off the paper and reveled her face. Love at first sight. Now Claire and all my other dolls, are boxed up on a shelf in my closet. But now that I've relived that I might have to dig them out and look at them...oh memories.


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