A season filled with joy and traditions.
One my families traditions has to do with ornaments. Each year us kids gets an ornament. We have been getting one from our parents since our very first Christmas. Each year I receive an angel, A receives a Santa, and E gets a train.(not sure where the train idea came from. I think they just found a really pretty one when E was born and went with it!) This is my 20th ornament and mom says my last. The thought was, when we have our own tree someday we will have some ornaments to start with.

My ornament is a Willow Tree angel. I love Willow Tree items. So simple and pretty. A's Santa is holding a raccoon....sure A may rather just have the pelt of the raccoon...but this one is alive and looks friendly! E's train...well its a train...we found one so we bought it, they are a challenge to find! I love this tradition.


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