Happy Birthday Senor Smarty Pants!

Today is a big day. Its Senor Smary Pant's 20th Birthday! Yes he is younger than about 3 months... go me a cougar. :) But yes he is 20 today. What are we going to do on this special occasion? Take FINALS! I know us college kids sure know how to have fun?! Then what is he going to do? WORK! Then the lucky dog gets to go home. I know he will have a wonderful day though. He never has a bad day. So in honor of Senor Smarty Pants' birthday I decided to post something a little special with a fun story behind it.

The song below is Senor Smary Pants' FAVORITE Christmas song. Now you may be thinking, "Oh sure when he was six." Wrongo. To this day he loves this song. I just found out about this love a few weeks ago. I was talking about Christmas songs and he said that he loved the hippo song. I was confused. He tried to sing it to me and for some odd, unknown reason that didn't clear the mystery up....:) So we do what anyone in our generation would do...GOOGLE, then YOUTUBE. We found it and when I started this song his head started bobbing to the beat and he was happy as a lark. He then said that when he was little his mom called into the radio station and said that it was his birthday and to " his favorite song, "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas!" It just made his day. I could not stop laughing while he was telling this story! So without further ado here is "I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas" By: Gayla Peevey Enjoy!

I somehow forgot to mention that after hearing this song as a child, Senor Smarty Pants then wanted a Hippo. A real one. He thought he could keep it in the backyard and play with it and it was no big deal! HA!

Happy Birthday Senor Smarty Pants, my best friend, I hope your day and the coming years are blessed! You truly are a catch.

P.S. Its my 100th post! :)


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