Oh Christmas Tree!

I have never had a real Christmas Tree in my home. My parents used to have one before they had kids but my dad, being the extreme perfectionist that he is, took years (only a slight exaggeration) to get the tree perfectly straight. Mom said they would spend a long time looking for the prettiest one, only to get it home and see that the stump, or whatever you want to call the wood part, would be twisted somehow. or just wouldn't be straight, and that bothers ol dad. So we have always had an artificial tree. I've had lots of friends with real trees and someday I will have a real tree at least once.

The other day I was reading the newspaper and an article about Christmas trees caught my eye. The idea of a living Christmas tree had crossed my mind but I had no idea that people were actually doing it on such a huge scale! It's genius! One company in Oregon has potted trees. You pay for your tree and it can also be delivered. You give a deposit and get the deposit back when they get the tree back. They then plant these trees at area schools, watersheds, churches and parks. The trees are close to full size Christmas trees depending on the size your house can handle and lots of different types.

Another company marks their trees with bar codes. You get the trees when they are fairly small, you still pay for delivery and pickup but next year you will get the same tree! Cool huh?! One woman noted that like her son who was a year old, her tree had "filled out." I just think this is so fun. These company's are in larger cities, Portland, LA, ect. But I think it could definitely done on a smaller scale. I have heard of getting potted trees and then you yourself plant them but in cities many don't have that option. It's great recycling. We were given this Earth, we are to be stewards of God's beautiful creation. "Everyone is an environmentalist, the goal is to be a good one!" So now I will try to have a "Living Tree!"


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  1. Interesting! I have never heard of that before. Antonio and I had a real tree last year. It was really nice until we had to take it out of the house and tons of needles were all over the carpet haha! It was a total pain to clean up but it was a nice touch to our little apartment. This year we both did not want to buy a fake tree especially since we have no storage so we decided to buy a real tree down the street but we decided to use the little tree I bought when I lived at home that I put up in my room just because we are running out of time!!! I hope you get the chance to have a real tree in your own house someday, it just feels more festive :)