Shopping Time?

I have a bit of Christmas shopping to do. This isn't the most important part of Christmas but I take great joy in shopping for others. I would say I enjoy it more than shopping for myself really. But this year I am struggling a bit to figure out what the perfect gifts are for a few people. Senor Smarty Pants turns 20 on the 15th. (EEK! we will both be 20 year old adults soon!) I really should have done a better job of choosing a significant other, a December birthday is tricky, especially one 10 days before Christmas. Just Kidding! First it makes my wallet even more under the weather. But don't you doubt for a second that I even consider not getting him anything, or anything less than I would if his birthday was a different time of year. That's just not fair! But while some may say, "Hey, you have all year to think of what to get him for both holidays!" Well, you know thats just not true! What I may have thought would work 3 months ago either wont anymore or...I have forgotten. Whoops.

This will be our 3rd Christmas of exchanging gifts. Senor Smarty Pants doesn't have a lot of hobbies. He knits, but that's not really a hobby you can buy much for. He isn't into sports. He likes to read but doesn't have time to really do that. Not much into cars. He does love snowboarding-convenient for Nebraska, right?! But, the one category he does like? Clothes, he loves when I will pick out what he should wear, when clothing items are his gifts. I think it's because then he doesn't have to think. I love that he enjoys this stuff. It's easy for me and SO fun to shop for. I could pick clothes out for him all day long. They make so many cool mens shirts. I especially love shopping now for the flannels and long sleeve items. I love all the plaids and patterns and the awesome color combos. So this being fun for me, I have taken advantage of it. So Senor Smarty Pants has gotten some pretty darn cool shirts for some holidays. So this year I want to do something different but equally enjoyable and perfect. What is it? I'm not sure. Any suggestions? :)


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