I had my first Symphony experience the other night. It was so cool! Actually I don't feel that adjective is effective enough. I come from a fairly musical family, lots of different instruments are played on both sides. I was in band from the 4th grade till I graduated, I did choir and show choir but had never been exposed to an orchestra. My cousins were in orchestra but I don't ever remember going to their concerts. UNK has an orchestra and they also open it up to the community. They had a Christmas concert and I was so excited. It was so amazing. I just kept realizing, "That music is ACTUALLY coming from THAT stage!" I have never had that kind of experience with a mass of stringed instruments. They are amazing to watch. You can really see the synchronization of each player.

The Christmas songs they played were beautiful and then a choir joined them and it was beautiful and then the director invited the audience to sing, you know I joined in on that action!

My favorite part? Watching the Harp player. It was very fun to watch her. She really felt the music. She counted with her body and moved in a way that was complementary to the music- she was so graceful. So many of the performers "felt" the music. I love seeing that. My aunt is like that, she plays the piano amazingly well. Mom always said I was like that when I enjoyed playing a song on the piano...but that hobby was kinda fruitless. I don't play much anymore. Anyway, I can't wait to go to the symphony again! I feel so sophisticated saying "I went to the symphony." :) It is well worth your time if you ever get the opportunity!


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